More details on my (mainly solo) birthday plans yesterday:

-My partner took me out to breakfast at my favorite coffee shop

-Opened presents with my parents on Facetime.

-Hung out at home & did some digital painting.

-Played a solo game of DnD (which was actually a modified version of *Mork Borg*) and died to a fire demon twice.

-Went out to sushi at this conveyor belt sushi place that I've only ever gotten takeout from, so I never knew it was a conveyor belt place. The sushi was really good, and not that expensive. Also, I wore my headphones & listened to a podcast, which was nice. I've gotten big into wearing headphones and listening to podcasts or music when I'm out at places. (1) it's just nice to have some music while grocery shopping, and (2) I'm Autistic so it helps with the Sensory Stuff.

-Came home, played more "DnD"

-Made a triple berry fruit crisp for myself and my partner

-My partner came home & made me my favorite dinner (recipe coming soon to a gemini capsule near you)

-Watch Doctor Who & played some video games

-Went to bed *early*

A very nice day all around. A good way to start 24.